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Sharing a Device from Windows to WSL

usbipd can be used to share a locally connected USB device including WSL2. See also this Learn doc

usbipd-win 2.3.0

  Shares locally connected USB devices to other machines, 
  including Hyper-V guests and WSL 2.

  usbipd [command] [options]

  --version       Show version information
  -?, -h, --help  Show help and usage information

  bind     Bind device
  license  Display license information
  list     List USB devices
  server   Run the server on the console
  state    Output state in JSON
  unbind   Unbind device
  wsl      Convenience commands for WSL

Listing USB devices:

c:\>usbipd wsl list
BUSID  VID:PID    DEVICE                                                        STATE
1-2    17a0:0304  Samson Q2U Microphone, USB Input Device                       Not attached
1-5    05ac:024f  USB Input Device                                              Not attached
1-6    046d:c092  USB Input Device                                              Not attached
1-11   048d:5702  USB Input Device                                              Not attached
1-20   046d:0893  Logitech StreamCam, Logitech StreamCam WinUSB, USB Input ...  Not attached
3-1    0b0e:24ca  Jabra Link 380, USB Input Device                              Not attached

Let’s attach a headset to Ubuntu (or try to).

c:\>wsl --list
Windows Subsystem for Linux Distributions:
docker-desktop (Default)

c:\>usbipd wsl attach --busid 3-1 -d Ubuntu-20.04
usbipd: error: Access denied; this operation requires administrator privileges.
usbipd: info: The first time attaching a device to WSL requires elevated privileges; subsequent attaches will succeed with standard user privileges.


(admin) c:\>usbipd bind -b 3-1 

That appears to work, but didn’t.

In WLS shell:

$ sudo apt install linux-tools-5.4.0-77-generic hwdata
$ sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/local/bin/usbip usbip `ls /usr/lib/linux-tools/*/usbip | tail -n1` 20

$ sudo usbip port
Imported USB devices

Try to import from the WSL side:

$ sudo usbip attach -r $(hostname).local -b 3-1
$ sudo usbip port
Imported USB devices
Port 00: <Port in Use> at Full Speed(12Mbps)
       GN Netcom : unknown product (0b0e:24ca)
       1-1 -> usbip://********.local:3240/3-1
           -> remote bus/dev 003/001

Bingo, perhaps?

FInally, clean up and detach so that Windows can use the device again.

$ sudo usbip detach -p 0

And back in Windows, unbind the device.

(admin) c:\> usbipd unbind -b 3-1